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Third Meeting: Focus On The Homewood Community

Priorities Reviewed For Secondary Learning Options And Steering Committee Established
A community meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 8, 2009, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Pittsburgh Westinghouse cafeteria will be the third of series of meetings that will result in a community informed education plan for Homewood schools. » Download a PDF of this release

The meeting will begin with a light dinner.

This meeting continues the process for community input that began at the October 8, meeting at Westinghouse High School.

Slated in the District’s Five-Year Road Map for High School Excellence is a discussion of potential options and alternatives for the Homewood community. While the conversation will focus on Pittsburgh Westinghouse, it will also include the schools that feed into the high school, such as Pittsburgh Faison, and Pittsburgh Lincoln.

The purpose of the meeting is for the community to review a prioritized list of needs to be addressed by the education plan. A steering committee with community members will be formed to explore and evaluate the options and to make a recommendation. The result will be an education plan for Homewood schools that has been informed by community members and refined and presented by district staff.

Among other possible criteria, proposed plans will be evaluated using the following:

  • Is the plan grounded in educational research and supported by facts and data?
  • Does it align with the long range vision of the Pittsburgh Public Schools Excellence for All Agenda?
  • Is the plan fiscally responsible? Does it include a timeline and budget? If additional funding is needed, does the plan include potential resources for securing it?
  • Does it provide evidence of the support of the community and affected stakeholders?
  • Does it demonstrate that any organization involved in its implementation has the capacity to do so?
  • Does it have a work-readiness component?

Viable options must be aligned with the District’s Strategic Plan to address the needs of the whole child and with the core principals of Excel 9-12. These principles, presented by the District in April 2007, encompass the following:

  • Safe and welcoming schools- School is a physically and emotionally safe place that supports learning.
  • Relationships-Personalized learning environment and connections to teachers, peers and the school.
  • High academic expectations for all students; engaging and demanding content and teaching.
  • Student Supports- Special help to keep students on track.
  • Relevance- Prepare and connect students to the real world.
  • Does it have the commitment of the community to work through any potential barriers to implementation that may be encountered throughout the process?

Pittsburgh Westinghouse is located at 1101 N. Murtland Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa 15208. Parking is available in the lot on the Hermitage side of the school or on the street. Enter the building through the main entrance on Murtland. Childcare is available for children over 1.


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