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Pittsburgh Allderdice Ranks #12 on the Region’s Top 50 High Schools List

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released its updated average SAT scores for 2012.  Check out the entire list in the Pittsburgh Business Times. 

Here’s a quick FAQ to make sure your student is prepared to take the test.


How can you better prepare students for tests like SAT’s and ACT’s?

Taking and performing well on the SAT and ACT are an important part of the college application process.  In addition to the resources that your child’s school will have, there a number of SAT/ACT practice questions and tests available through their websites ( and as well as available through local bookstores. Classes and tutors are available as well, either for a fee or through some of our community partners.

Additionally, all PPS 10th and 11th grade students take the PSAT in October and have their scores mailed home to them soon after. Included with that score is that students access information to the College Board’s “My College QuickStart” page that gives the student personalized feedback based on their performance on the PSAT. It also allows them to start planning for college and practice for the SAT.

Contact your child’s guidance counselor for access to more test preparation materials, as well as to see if your child is eligible to have the fee for taking the SAT or ACT waived.

How are PPS kids performing on the SAT and why? Why was this omitted from A+ schools report to the community?

Like any indicator of student achievement, there is no single narrative to describe how well our students are performing on the SAT. As a district, we have seen some declines in our mean scores in each subject over the past five years and are not yet matching the mean scores of the state or nation. At the same time, however, the overall number of test takers has increased dramatically, particularly amongst our African-American students (last year saw a 73% increase in the number of African-American test takers alone!). Our White students are either outperforming or matching their Pennsylvanian peers, and the mean scores for our African-American students are quickly gaining on their peers in the state, improving +3 points this past year alone.